Project Tag: $500

Slipping into Fantasyland

Slipping Into Fantasyland Medium: Hand-Colored black and white photo; photo-coloring oils, colored and water-soluble colored pencils; water-color, acrylics, and whatever other mediums were available. Dimensions:  19.25” x 16.25” x .75” framed and matted Price:  $500 Description:   Back in the day, I’d made hand-colored photographs a side-line. Fast forward many years and technologies; I took a …

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Princess Reliquary Doll

Princess Reliquary Doll Medium:  Mixed Media, including a man’s shoe stretcher, twigs, scraps and beads in antique box, Dimensions:  17” x 8” x 4” Price:  $500 Description:  The large men’s shoe stretcher gave impetus to this girl doll; the round adjustment knob evoked the round faces/heads of Eskimo dolls. Twigs became arms, the leather, fake …

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Prince Reliquary Doll

Prince Reliquary Doll Medium:  Mixed Media in an Antique Box Dimensions:  17.5” x 9,5” x 5” Price:  $500 Description:  Working on this series while away on a retreat, I found most of my materials in nature; from local stores and at a weekly community-wide “flea market.” Old fabric scraps, dolls, wooden boxes, fake fur, antlers, …

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The Past is Always Present

The Past is Always Present Medium:  Acrylic on canvas Dimensions:  19.75 x 16.5” x 1” framed Price:  $500 Description:  Grief gives birth to hope, equanimity and peace. After loss, grief is followed by changes and growth…profound…and yet, though eluding specific description, they often inform, play and converse in my art. Visions appear from shadows or …

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What’s Next?

What’s Next? Medium:  Soft Pastel on Paper Dimensions:  22” x 18.25” x 1.25”, framed and matted Price:  $500 Description:  Besieged by limitations, exclusions and catastrophic environmental occurrences, this valiant soul trudges on wondering “What will happen next?”

Memento Mori

Memento Mori Medium:  Acrylic on canvas, framed Dimensions:  17” x 14.25” x 1.25”, framed Price:  $500 Description:  Memento Mori is a Latin phrase meaning “remember you must die.” A memento mori painting would often be a portrait with a skull or hourglass (in this case, a prominent wrist watch). This contemporary Madonna, full with child, …

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