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  • As an artist and humanist, most of my work is integral to world and societal conditions.
  • The work explores many mediums and disciplines (necessary for an effective public school art teacher).
  • My lifelong passion to learn about earlier times and cultures was born while pursuing an undergraduate minor in Cultural Anthropology.
  • I have an inclination for interpretive portraits that follows the dictum of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz (re: portrait photography), “…it’s about history, it’s about looking at our time and our culture and our society through portraits.”
  • Hands frequently push their way into my work. The human hand is emblematic of and interacts with all life. The heart, mind and eye all guide the hand’s actions.
  • We live in an amazing, critical inflection point in history. Societal norms are seriously dividing us  while our planet is struggling for survival from wounds of self-interest and indifference. Surface appearances separate so many but growing numbers of people (all ages and descriptors) are awakening and committing to other possibilities; to Nature, to our true nature, to our connectivity.


Certification: SKY Schools Breathwork & SEL teacher for youth (K-12), parents and educators. https://skyschools.org/
Professional Diploma in School District Administration & Supervision: The College of New Rochelle, NY
Master’s degree in Studio Art: The College of New Rochelle, NY