My Frame Drum and Beater

drum and beater 2
drum and beater 1

Medium:  Stretched Elk skin secured tightly around wooden frame; acrylic paint and India Ink; feathers

Dimensions:  15.5” x 17.5” x 3”; the beater is 13.5” long

Price:  Not For Sale

Description:  In a workshop for making a frame drum, I was given the wood frame and could select the piece of Elk skin and the sinew needed to stretch the skin across the frame. The stretching was hard work and painful to the hands. I added a sinew loop on each side to support the long goose feather on each side. One of my students found the feathers by the lake fronting our high school. Inspiration from SouthWest Indian pictographs and the eagles I love, prompted the surface decoration. Fine pen drawings of endless faces and figures continue to populate the face of my ritual frame drum.