Homage to Gaston Lachaise

Eve, view 1

Medium:  Plaster cast of clay original (from life), faux bronze patina

Dimensions:  8.5”(h) x 7.5” (w) x 9” (d)

Price:  Not for Sale

Description:  Being blessed with a studio model who was very large-bodied, but whose hands, feet and head were proportionally quite small, I thought of the great early 20th Century French sculptor Gaston Lachaise. He was known for his works of very large-figured women with tiny hands, feet and tiny heads. Huge forms that taper so much give the impression of a helium filled balloon on a string (massive though seemingly weightless). Though the feet of my studio model were solidly planted on the stand, I shifted her weight slightly to appear as if she was about to take a step forward thereby elevating and animating her form.