Project Type: Paintings


Tension Medium:  Finger Paint (Acrylic with Medium) on Masonite  Dimensions:  12” x 12” unframed Price:  Not for Sale Description:  “Tension” is the state of much of the world today. Stress reduction and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) are the primary benefits of SKY Schools ( Check out this amazingly effective program for students, parents, faculty, everyone.

Il Pagliaci

Il Pagliaci Medium:  Acrylic on canvas Dimensions:  8” x 6” x 1.5” simple frame Price:  $200 Description:  A tiny canvas can portray giant emotions and experience.

Seated Red Nude

Seated Red Nude Medium:  Acrylic on canvas paper Dimensions:  12” x 9”   unframed Price:  $300 Description:  Having studied and taught Life Drawing/Painting/Sculpture for years, the figure is usually a “go-to” for a quick warm-up exercise.

Rooster Regent

Rooster Regent Medium:  Acrylics on canvas Dimensions:  16” x 12”x .5”   unframed  Price:  Sold Description:  This rooster is in charge…or is he? His posture conveys a kingly strut, but his eyes suggest that he’s not so sure. His vibrating form confirms his doubt.


Dreamscape Medium:  Acrylics on canvas with cast paper divided face in Shadow-Box Dimensions:  18”h x 22.5”w x 3”d”  Price:  Sold Description:  When casting hand-made paper into my plaster life-mask, the fibres divided down the center…two halves. Remembering “the value of the happy accident,” I had to create an alternative plan. In sleep, we experience differing levels …

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In The Cave

In The Cave Medium:  Solar Plate Etching, hand colored with watercolor pencils Dimensions:  17” x 21” x 1.5”   framed and matted Price:  $450 Description:  In a primal way, we are all in “tribes.” Our lives, spaces, ages and shapes intersect, overlap and interpenetrate through time and experience; we are individuated, and yet we are conjoined.