Project Type: Eskimo Doll & Shaman Series

Ritual Mask

Ritual Mask Medium:  Farmer’s Market crate lid, hand-cut wood “hands” with flaming “energy” of raffia, wire, feathers, marker Dimensions:  26” x 35” x 13” Price:  $700 Description:  Ahhhhh, to make something of nothing, or next to nothing…but the imagination.

All Seeing Yup’ik Shaman

All Seeing Yup’ik Shaman Medium:  Solar Plate Etching Dimensions:  7” x 5.5”    unframed Price:  $275 Description:  This Shaman has energetically transformed (transfigured) while observing the creation.

Haunted Meter Box

Haunted Meter Box Medium:  Antique metal meter box, unknown antique object, nylon fishing line Dimensions:  15” x 4.5” x 3” Price:  Sold Description:  Haunting huge country flea markets can be most rewarding to an artist. I found in one stall, an old, rusted meter box…a “must have.” In another stall on the other side of the …

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A Mass of Amulets

A Mass of Amulets Medium:  India ink wash and linework on paper Dimensions:  35” x 29.5” x 1” framed and matted Price:  $800  Description:  Immersion in Yup’ik Shamanic imagery led me to free-draw/paint this assembly of amulets in a field of my imagination. Liberation from the need for representation that springs forth when using long willow …

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Shaman Portrait in Oil Pastel

Shaman Portrait in Oil Pastel Medium:  Oil Pastels on toned paper Dimensions:  14.5” x 10.5”  unframed  Price:  Sold Description:  A “ghost print” of this monotype was interesting but was pale and lacked energy. Overpainting it with vibrant oil pastels had it jumping off the page.