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Dreamscape Medium:  Acrylics on canvas with cast paper divided face in Shadow-Box Dimensions:  18”h x 22.5”w x 3”d”  Price:  Sold Description:  When casting hand-made paper into my plaster life-mask, the fibres divided down the center…two halves. Remembering “the value of the happy accident,” I had to create an alternative plan. In sleep, we experience differing levels …

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Shaman Portrait in Oil Pastel

Shaman Portrait in Oil Pastel Medium:  Oil Pastels on toned paper Dimensions:  14.5” x 10.5”  unframed  Price:  Sold Description:  A “ghost print” of this monotype was interesting but was pale and lacked energy. Overpainting it with vibrant oil pastels had it jumping off the page.


Isolation Medium:  Carved  plaster with patina in antique box Dimensions:  5” h x 15” w x 3.5” d Price:  Sold Description:  Leaving space empty can be even more expressive than filling it.

Shaman in Box

Shaman in Box Medium:   Carved plaster (infused color to resemble bone) in antique box Dimensions:  12” x 5”  x 3”  Price:  Sold Description:  Another participant in the residency wanted to cast 3-D forms to attach to painted canvases. After showing her some techniques, I filled a few plastic drinking glasses with residual plaster and carved …

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Shaman With Attitude

Shaman With Attitude Medium:  Mixed media, including man’s shoe stretcher Dimensions:  18” x 18” x 3.5” Price:  Sold Description:  All the components of this piece were found on site, at the flea market or in explorations in the woods.


Masks Medium:  Pair of  antique Snowshoes, found objects Dimensions:  21” x 12.5”  x 4.5” each Price:  Sold Description:   The pair of antique snowshoes at the flea market was a perfect find! All the other “found objects” were also on hand there …even the twigs dropped from trees surrounding the parking lot.