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Helping Me to See Myself

Helping Me to See Myself Medium:  Acrylic on canvas Dimensions:  16” x 20” x .75” framed Price:  Sold Description:  There are some things that only your “best friend” will tell you. Our true “best friend” is our higher awareness, our own self who “knows better” and tries to clue us in.

Reviving Ophelia

Reviving Ophelia Medium:  Hand modeled clay, wood panel painted with Acrylics, dried flowers Dimensions:  Mask: 16” x 6.75” x 4”; full piece: 39” x 14” x 5” Price:  Sold Description:  I improvised this clay Ophelia while demonstrating creative interpretation in the creation of oversize masks for an English/Sculpture interdisciplinary project: “Clay masks of Shakespeare’s characters ‘from …

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Floating Medium:  Hand carved fruitwood, Plexiglas stand Dimensions:  18.25” x 14” x 6.5” Price:  Sold Description:  A beautiful branch was lying on the ground; it was lovely and suggested a female torso. The branch was fully rounded, but I wanted her torso to be rotating in an active gesture. To evoke motion, large areas of material …

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Haunted Meter Box

Haunted Meter Box Medium:  Antique metal meter box, unknown antique object, nylon fishing line Dimensions:  15” x 4.5” x 3” Price:  Sold Description:  Haunting huge country flea markets can be most rewarding to an artist. I found in one stall, an old, rusted meter box…a “must have.” In another stall on the other side of the …

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Mountain Sunset

Mountain Sunset Medium:  Arc-welded Steel  Dimensions:  12”h x 38”w x 13”d Price:  Sold Description:  Using scrap steel pieces (with some minimal oxyacetylene torch cutting), I welded this landscape of a mountain looming beyond the foothills. Clouds envelope its summit as the setting Sun casts its last rays down the mountain side.

Rooster Regent

Rooster Regent Medium:  Acrylics on canvas Dimensions:  16” x 12”x .5”   unframed  Price:  Sold Description:  This rooster is in charge…or is he? His posture conveys a kingly strut, but his eyes suggest that he’s not so sure. His vibrating form confirms his doubt.