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Tension Medium:  Finger Paint (Acrylic with Medium) on Masonite  Dimensions:  12” x 12” unframed Price:  Not for Sale Description:  “Tension” is the state of much of the world today. Stress reduction and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) are the primary benefits of SKY Schools ( Check out this amazingly effective program for students, parents, faculty, everyone.

Deva 2

Deva 2 Medium:  Charcoal and white chalk on toned paper Dimensions:  12” x 9” framed Price:  Not for Sale Description:  While searching the woods for sketching subjects, I happened upon the rotted base of an ancient tree; primal sculpture. Beguiled, I focused upon the marvelous root structure and the rotted out hollow. It wasn’t until the …

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Mater Medium:  Hand-Modeled Clay  Dimensions:  18 ”h x 11”w x 6.5”d Price:  Not For Sale Description:  This piece was a demo that I modeled in front of a combined class of highschool English Literature and Sculpture students. The goal for the interdisciplinary project, funded by a Grant, was to create oversized clay masks interpreting the inner …

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Eskimo Studio Shot

Eskimo Studio Shot Medium:  Mixed media Dimensions:  Assorted Price:  Not for Sale Description:  The Yup’ik people of Alaska make dolls. Dolls: miniature humans; the spirit images of living things are metaphors for human experience. From physical birth to physical death, amulets and dolls are carved and consecrated by a shaman and placed at the doorposts of …

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Tribute to The Starn Twins

Tribute to The Starn Twins Medium:  Cut and photocopied images in three layers, each a different level of transparency Dimensions:  6” x 4”  unframed  Price:  Not for Sale Description:  The concept of layering photocopied images on opaque paper, then translucent paper and topped by a transparent sheet (developed and popularized by the Starn Twins, artists) evokes …

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Great Ape

Great Ape Medium:  Carved plaster (from plaster “ice-cube”) Dimensions:  1.5” x 1.5” x 1” Price:  Not for Sale Description:  Teaching carving, a “subtractive” use of material for sculpture (as opposed to the “additive” or “plastic” mode) is facilitated by pouring plaster into flexible ice cube trays and un-molding the small cubes the following day (still slightly …

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