Project Tag: $550

In For a Penny

In For a Penny Medium:  Soft Pastel on toned paper Dimensions:  22” x 28.75” x .75” framed and matted Price:  $550 Description:  Taking a break from the day’s labor, this young Brit considered quitting his effort, but reconciles and announces that he’s committed to finishing the job…”I’m in for the penny, in for a pound.”

Auto Repair Shop at Night

Auto Repair Shop at Night Medium:  Oil Paint on Canvas Dimensions:  18” x 24” x .75” unframed  Price:  $550 Description:  Painfully, so many loved ones are lost to the road; it haunts.

Young Saint

Young Saint Medium:  Acrylic on canvas Dimensions:  16.25” x 20.25” x 1” framed Price:  $550 Description:   While he is still attached to Illusion, awareness of his accepted future weighs heavily on this Saint-to-Be’s mind; once detached, he accepts it with dispassion and equanimity.

On To The Next Stage

On To The Next Stage Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions:  17″ x 21″ x 1.5″ framed Price:  $550 Description: As we grow, experience and learn, we change. Otherwise we are fixed in time like Oscar Wilde’s “Dorian Gray,” seriously slow to internalize the lessons. Our lives are summarily divided by society into “stages.” Today’s women, …

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Spirit Warrior

Spirit Warrior Medium:  Oil Pastel on Paper Dimensions:  21″ x 27″ x 1″ framed and matted Price:  $550 Description: Having had a life-long fascination with raptors (especially eagles), I adopted the essence of these birds as metaphors for long-range, dead-on perception as well as swift ascension, descension and determined redirection.