Project Tag: $375

Watching Shaman

Watching Shaman Medium:  Solar-Plate Etching  Dimensions:  9.75” x 6.25”  unframed Price:  $375 Description:  Photographing the small plaster Shaman I’d carved and printing the image on transparent paper, then repeating that process with a photo of interlaced trees and leaves led me to stack both transparencies. This produced a new composite image that could be printed …

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Wild Mask Monotype

Wild Mask Monotype Medium:  Oil Ink on black paper Dimensions:  16.5” x 6.25” unframed Price:  $375 Description:  Do the Monotype Dance: add ink; subtract ink; experiment; discover! Duck!!!


Horror Medium:  Partially diluted acrylics on Canvas Dimensions:  16” x 12” x .5” unframed Price:  $375 Description:   The newspaper’s arts section ran a photo and review of an actor in a local theatrical production. As the character seemed childlike to me, I thought of how often today’s children experience such dismay, even horror. Not …

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Blue Monk

Blue Monk Medium:  Waterless Lithography on Paper Dimensions:  12” x 10.5” Price:  $375 Description:  Trying out a new (for me) medium, I experimented with Waterless lithography. Much faster than traditional lithography, it is a good and safer  option to use in the art classroom. Here I allowed my inner “sprite” to take the reins.