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Meeting of the Shamans

Meeting of the Shamans Medium:  Solar Plate Etching Dimensions:  10” x 8”   unframed Price:  $325 Description:  Researching cultures that explore the mysteries of our existence, I create studies that cycle within that exploration. The primary figure here is one I had carved at the outset of this series. I photographed it and other works from …

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Illusory Compound and detail

Illusory Compound and detail Medium:  Mixed Media: Tree root piece, test tube stand Dimensions:  8” x 3.75” x 5.75”  Price:  $325 Description:  So often we complain, explain and justify our limitations. There are openings in our compound through which we can see, hear, communicate, dream and actually choose to leave, but our excuses are manifold. …

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Sequestered Medium:  Mixed Media: Antique stove damper, found natural objects, antique box Dimensions:  9.25” x 7” x 6” Price:  $325 Description:  I study family inter-relationships in which members may overprotect and/or abuse those within their immediate orbit.