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He Said I Had To Jump How High?

He Said I Had To Jump How High? Medium:  Soft pastel on paper Dimensions:  14.5” x 10.5” unframed Price:  $300 Description:  Prima donna entitlement is an all-too-common attitude among those whose gifts come easily.

Seated Red Nude

Seated Red Nude Medium:  Acrylic on canvas paper Dimensions:  12” x 9”   unframed Price:  $300 Description:  Having studied and taught Life Drawing/Painting/Sculpture for years, the figure is usually a “go-to” for a quick warm-up exercise.


Prisoner Medium:  Mixed Media:  Driftwood, Antique box Dimensions:  13.5” x 6.25” x 5”  Price:  $300 Description:  Isolation of the individual (or group) is either self-imposed or occurs from outside by society or circumstance. Isolation is characterized by compressed space and minimal available light…or is it sometimes more?

Bird and Insect Forms Monotype

Bird and Insect Forms Monotype Medium:  Oil Ink on Paper Dimensions:  7.25” x 9.25”  unframed Price:  $300 Description:  Total improvisation and fun with forms, line and process: apply paint to plate with brayer and/or brush; remove with tools, rags, fingers; add color; scratch, comb, knuckle away pigments; hear the birds screech, the insects crackle; poke; …

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Inward Bound: Welded Sailing Vessel

Inward Bound: Welded Sailing Vessel Medium:  Welded Steel Dimensions:  6.5” x 7.5” x 5” (d) Price:  $300 Description: A small welded piece I’d made earlier provided the means to demonstrate metaphor for investigating introspection and self-exploration to sculpture students.

Ritual Finger Puppet

Ritual Finger Puppet Medium:  Mixed Media: wooden salad tongs, wire, feathers, hemp Dimensions:  16.5” x 18” x 1.5” Price:  $300 Description:  Flea markets are marvelous treasure troves for collectors, for those who relish the nostalgia of days gone by and especially for artists. Well-worn wooden salad tongs, some macrame “scruff,” wire and a couple of …

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